Saturday, March 25, 2017
Come Out and Play (Juego de niños)
Beth and Francis, a happy young couple expecting their first child, have come to Mexico for a romantic getaway. As they dock on a sun-kissed beach where children are playing and giggling, everything seems perfect. But as they wander the strangely empty streets, an atmosphere of unease sets in: an abandoned hotel, a distress call that repeatedly echoes from a radio set, the sense of being watched...the sound of children's laughter, but no adults in sight. When Francis witnesses the violent death of an old man at the hands of a smiling little girl, a day in paradise quickly turns into a struggle for survival. Francis must protect his very pregnant wife from a pack of murderous children and get the couple off the island alive. Rated R for strong disturbing violence involving children, and for some language.
Cast: Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Vinessa Shaw, Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Produced by:
Directed by: Makinov
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 35min
Opens: Mar 22, 2013 Limited
Theaters for 03/18/14
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