Thursday, March 23, 2017
The Situation
When a group of American soldiers throws an Iraqi boy off a bridge in Samarra, the incident sets off a chain of events that exposes the deep rifts among the Iraqis in Samarra and results in yet another cycle of violence between the insurgents and the corrupt Iraqi police. Anna is an American journalist who decides to write a story about the assassination of an Iraqi leader whom she admires. At the same time, she is pulling away from a relationship with Dan, an American intelligence official who thinks the war can be won with hearts and minds, and towards Zaid, a young Iraqi photographer who shows her there are people, rather than sides, in the conflict. As she tries to make sense of the half-truths of Iraq, she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle and in the midst of a dangerous situation, set against a thick web of alliances, agendas and reverses. Rated R for violence, language and a scene of sexuality.
Cast: Sean Gullette, Damian Lewis, Peter Eyre, Mido Hamada, Omar Berdouni
Produced by: Liaquat Ahamed, Michael Sternberg, Neda Armian
Directed by: Philip Haas
Written by: Wendell Steavenson
Running time: 1hr 46min
Opens: Feb 02, 2007 NY
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