Tuesday, March 28, 2017
National Theatre Live: The Kitchen LIVE
1950s London. In the kitchen of an enormous West End restaurant, the orders are piling up: a post-war feast of soup, fish, cutlets, omelettes and fruit flans.Fifteen hundred customers an' half of them eating fish. I had to start work on a Friday.Thrown together by their work, chefs, waitresses and porters from across Europe - English, Irish, German, Jewish - argue and flirt as they race to keep up. Peter, a high-spirited young cook, seems to thrive on the pressure. In between preparing dishes, he manages to strike up an affair with married waitress Monique, the whole time dreaming of a better life. But in the all-consuming clamour of the kitchen, nothing is far from the brink of collapse. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Tom Brooke, Stavros Demetraki, Rebecca Davies, Ian Burfield, Neil Barry
Produced by:
Directed by: Arnold Wesker, Bijan Sheibani
Written by: Arnold Wesker
Running time: 3hr 0min
Opens: Nov 03, 2011 Limited
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