Saturday, March 25, 2017
Alabama Moon
Eleven-year-old Moon Blake has spent most of his life hiding out in the forests of Alabama with his father, an anti-government radical who clings to conspiracy theories and trusts no one. Moon's life suddenly changes when the land is sold and his father dies. Knowing only what he learned from his father, Moon decides to follow his last instructions; make your way to Alaska where "people could still make a living off trapping." In the path of civilization, Moon quickly lands himself in a reform school where he meets the mean-spirited Constable Sanders and learns what friendship is all about. Determined to get to Alaska, he and his new friends escape from the school outwitting Constable Sanders each step of the way. Rated PG for thematic elements, language and a brief injury.
Cast: John Goodman, Jimmy Bennett, Clint Howard, Gabriel Basso, Colin Ford
Produced by:
Directed by: Tim McCanlies
Written by: Watt Key
Running time: 2hr 3min
Opens: Mar 18, 2011 Limited
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