Monday, March 27, 2017
Drama, Horror, Suspense/Thriller
House of Wax (1953)
Ever been creeped out by the life-like statues at a wax museum? Yes? But have you ever recognized your old roommate behind the glass? Vincent Price plays the menacing Professor Henry Jarrod, in a role that would solidify his reputation as the creepiest man in Hollywood. With everything from cancan girls to rubber paddleballs finding their way into the audience, 'House of Wax' takes full advantage of the novel 3-D stereoscopic process. Rated PG .
Cast: Frank Lovejoy, Angela Clarke, Phyllis Kirk, Carolyn Jones, Vincent Price
Produced by: Bryan Foy
Directed by: Andre De Toth
Written by: Crane Wilbur
Running time: 1hr 30min
Opens: Apr 10, 2053 Limited
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