Sunday, March 26, 2017
The Red Violin (Le Violon rouge)
Francois Girard's The Red Violin follows the imaginary history of a unique instrument as it passes over continents and through lives over the span of three centuries. The film was shot in five languages, in five countries, over a period of six months. Beginning in Canada in February 1997, the production moved on to Austria, Italy, England and China before returning to Montreal for post-production. Rated R for some sexuality.
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Don McKellar, Irene Grazioli, Carlo Cecchi
Produced by: Niv Fichman
Directed by: François Girard
Written by: Don McKellar, Francois Girard
Running time: 2hr 11min
Opens: Jun 11, 1999 LA/NY
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