Monday, March 27, 2017
Zebra Crossing
Justin is looking for a way out. In a brutal world where gangland violence, drug dealing and street fighting is a way of life, getting out of the game was never going to be easy. Especially with mates like Tommy, Sean and Billy. But as Justin finds hope from an unlikely source, Tommy's drug debts spiral out of control, dragging everyone into a world where only survival matters. Blending the surreal with the very real, ZEBRA CROSSING is a powerful, disturbing, adrenaline-packed journey. This fast paced and at times utterly terrifying story is the tale of one man's struggle to break free, but as the pressure mounts and the stakes are raised, escape seems ever further away. And for Justin, time is running out. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Greg Wakeham, Kyle Treslove, Aaron White, Lee Turnbull
Produced by: Anastasia Atanesyan
Directed by: Samuel Holland
Written by: Samuel Holland
Running time: 1hr 33min
Theaters for 01/30/14
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