Thursday, March 23, 2017
From the East (D'Est)
This experimental documentary is a compendium of striking images of Eastern Europe and its citizens in transition, following the collapse of the so-called Cold War. Places as diverse as Baltic beaches, and Moscow's snow-covered streets vie for attention along with the citizens of these places as they wait in lines, march in military formation, or stand idle in the waiting rooms of train stations. There is no narration, and no clear point (except the idea of transitions) is indicated by the beautifully chosen, enigmatic imagery. Indeed, there is not even much musical accompaniment. Fans of director Chantal Akerman's aggressively non-commercial work are likelier to find this film more appealing than the average viewer will.~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Produced by:
Directed by: Chantal Akerman
Written by: Chantal Akerman
Running time: 1hr 47min
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