Monday, March 27, 2017
Faded Memories
"Faded Memories" is the story of Cassandra, 17, who suffers from a rare phobia--the fear of touching. As a result, she lives in a prison without walls. While traveling across country with her aunt, who despises her, she meets Lucas. The two teens fall in love and Cassandra thinks she will finally be able to conquer her phobia and live her dreams. In the unexpected climax, Cassandra and Lucas find themselves caught in a dramatic, emotionally-charged event that will forever change their lives. Rated PG-13 for thematic material, some sexual content, violence and language.
Cast: Conni Marie Brazelton, Brock Vincent Kelly, Anne-Sophie Dutoit, Kim Morgan Greene, Ely Pouget
Produced by: M.S. Boucher, Bruce Devan, Bill Civitella
Directed by: Anne-Sophie Dutoit
Written by: Anne-Sophie Dutoit
Running time: 1hr 28min
Opens: Nov 14, 2008 LA
Theaters for 12/10/13
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