Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Comedy, Romance
Tired of Kissing Frogs (Cansada de besar sapos)
"Tired of Frogs" is a sexy and stylish romantic comedy from Mexico about Martha, a young designer who needs to change her luck in love. After Martha discovers her boyfriend cheating on her, she makes a decision: if men can be womanizers, she can be a "manizer." Martha joins an internet dating service called "Tired of Kissing Frogs" and soon is playing the field with zest across Mexico City's hippest nightspots. But, when Martha finally meets Prince Charming, she has to choose: freedom, or the chance make a fairy tale love come true. Rated R for sexual content and some language.
Cast: Itatí Cantoral, Jose Antonio Gaona, Carlos de la Mota, Pedro Damián, Juan Manuel Bernal
Produced by: José Ramón Elizondo
Directed by: Jorge Colon
Written by: Joaquín Bissner
Running time: 1hr 35min
Opens: Sep 12, 2006 LA
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