Monday, March 27, 2017
Drama, Romance
Picture Bride
The struggles of a young Japanese who leaves her home to marry an stranger are chronicled in this historical drama based on true stories. Picture brides were Japanese women contracted to marry Japanese sugar-cane laborers working in Hawaii. The couple would agree to marry based on the photos they sent to one another. Riyo, an orphaned 17-year old, sails from Yokohama to Hawaii to marry Matsuji. She is appalled to see that Matsuji sent her an old photograph and that he is 25 years older than she. Angered, the spunky bride refuses to sleep with her new husband. She is however obligated to work on the plantation. The miserable girl finds solace with her new friend Kana, a young mother. Riyo decides she will earn her way back to Japan even though, at only sixty five cents per day, it could take years to save the $300 for the return fare. She meets more obstacles and continues to stay away from her husband until a tragedy befalls Kana. This serves to bring the two together and leads Riyo to accept her new life.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide Rated PG-13 .
Cast: Youki Kudoh, Yoko Sugi, Tamlyn Tomita, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Akira Takayama
Produced by: Lisa Onodera
Directed by: Kayo Hatta
Written by: Kayo Hatta, Mari Hatta, Diane Mei Lin Mark
Running time: 1hr 30min
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