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Horror, Suspense/Thriller
Mirrors (2008)
Ben Carson has seen better days. It's been nearly a year since the volatile detective was suspended from the NYPD for fatally shooting another undercover officer, an accident that not only cost him his job, but fueled the alcoholism and anger that has alienated his wife and kids and left him crashing on his sister's couch in Queens. Desperate to pull his life together and reconnect with his family, Carson takes a job as a night watchman at the burned-out ruins of the Mayflower department store. As Carson patrols the eerie, charred remains of the store, he begins to notice something sinister about the ornate mirrors that adorn the Mayflower walls. Reflected in the gigantic shimmering glass are horrific images that stun Carson. Beyond projecting gruesome images of the past, the mirrors appear to be manipulating reality as well. When Carson sees his own reflection being tortured, he suffers the physical effects of his fractured visions. Suddenly the troubled ex-cop finds himself battling his personal demons and the ones that have hijacked his reflection, tormenting him with convulsions, spontaneous bleeding and near suffocation. But, a much deadlier threat looms, trapped within the mirrors and reflective surfaces. As Carson investigates the mysterious disappearance of a Mayflower security guard and its possible connection to his ghastly visions, he realizes that a malevolent, otherworldly force is using reflections as a gateway. Rated R for strong violence, disturbing images, language and brief nudity.
Cast: Paula Patton, Kiefer Sutherland, Ezra Buzzington, Cameron Boyce, Erica Gluck
Produced by: Alexandre Aja, Grégory Levasseur, Marc Sternberg, Alexandra Milchan, Moritz von der Groebe
Directed by: Alexandre Aja
Written by: Jim Uhls, Alexandre Aja, Joe Gangemi, Kieran Mulroney, Michele Mulroney, Gregory Levasseur
Running time: 1hr 50min
Opens: Aug 15, 2008 Nationwide
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