Sunday, March 26, 2017
Romantic Comedy
Phoebe (Mary Steenburgen) and Jason (Dudley Moore) are a pair of Broadway playwrights who are partners in their chosen profession, but in spite of a definite inclination, they remain unpartnered (for a long time) in any other way. Phoebe is an aspiring playwright from the Northwoods and Jason is just getting married when the two meet for the first time and decide to collaborate. As their relationship produces first a failure and then a string of successes, their repartée remains sharp and witty -- and their unrequited interest in each other gathers energy over a nine-year period, until some resolution is finally in sight.~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide Rated PG .
Cast: Mary Steenburgen, Janet Eilber, Dudley Moore, Robyn Douglass, Frances Sternhagen
Produced by: Morton Gottlieb
Directed by: Arthur Hiller
Written by: Bernard Slade
Running time: 1hr 43min
Opens: Oct 07, 1983 NY
Theaters for 03/09/14
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