Thursday, March 23, 2017
Down in the Delta
Director Maya Angelou's "Down In The Delta" is a story where big city meets small town, young meets old, parents reconnect with children and life for everyone becomes something they never expected. In Chicago, Loretta (Alfre Woodard) is headed down a destructive path as she succumbs to the drug and alcohol-ridden streets of her neighborhood. In efforts to pull her daughter and grandchildren out of harm's way, Loretta's mother Rosa Lynn (Mary Alice) pawns her most valuable family heirloom - a candelabra known as "Nathan" - and moves the family back to their ancestral home in the Mississippi delta. A lyrical ode to family, responsibility and pride in one's ancestry. Rated PG-13 for drug-related material.
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Alfre Woodard, Al Freeman, Esther Rolle, Mary Alice
Produced by: Reuben Cannon
Directed by: Maya Angelou
Written by: Myron Goble
Running time: 1hr 51min
Opens: Dec 25, 1998
Theaters for 09/25/13
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