Monday, March 27, 2017
Action/Adventure, Drama
The story starts, by showing the protagonist behind the bars when he is 10 years old. He killed his father for his mother, who is severely tortured by his father to cajole his keep. The rest is that the hero's sister grew up and marries a rich business man Biju Menon. The innocent girl is living like a fool in a paradise, as her husband is an anti social element. Meanwhile, the hero turns 25 and comes out of the jail, after his imprisonment. His gets a job in his sister's house without revealing his identity. He unearths his brother in law's evil deeds and business and reforms him and settles his sister's family track right. In the whole game, he finds his ladylove. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Biju Menon, Bharath, Kajal Agarwal, P.Vasu, Khushboo
Produced by: Shakti Chidambaram
Directed by: Perarasu
Written by:
Running time: 3hr 5min
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