Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Million Dollar Arm
In a last ditch effort to save his career as a sports agent, JB Bernstein concocts a scheme to find baseball's next great pitcher. Hoping to find a young cricket pitcher he can turn into a major league baseball star, JB travels to India to produce a reality show competition called "Million Dollar Arm." He discovers Dinesh and Rinku, two 18 year old boys who have no idea about playing baseball, yet have a knack for throwing a fastball. As the boys learn the finer points of baseball - JB, with the help of his charming friend Brenda (Lake Bell) - learns valuable life lessons about teamwork, commitment and what it means to be a family. Rated PG for mild language and suggestive content.
Cast: Bill Paxton, Lake Bell, Jon Hamm, Aasif Mandvi, Suraj Sharma, John Hamm
Produced by: Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray
Directed by: Craig Gillespie
Written by: Tom McCarthy
Running time: 2hr 4min
Opens: May 10, 2014 Sneaks
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