Thursday, March 23, 2017
JK, Nadupakka Nakki and Seenu are roommates, buddies and partners in crime. JK is to get married in a month but still doesn't know if his fiancé Madhu or friend Shakthi is "The One." Seenu can't make up his mind who he wants to kill first - his girlfriend Gayathri who has just dumped him or his stupid, annoying boss whose idea of creativity is sketching a smiling banana. And Nadupakka Nakki is about to discover that eating delicious tandoori chicken off a street vendor is going to give him the worst case of diarrhea he's ever known. Three regular blokes, living the regular life EXCEPT for one small detail - they are on the hit list of one of the world's deadliest crime syndicates. Will they be able to get away before their world comes crashing down? Rated No Rating .
Cast: Hansika Motwani, Nasser, Santhanam, Arya, Premgi
Produced by: Ronnie Screwvala, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Directed by: R.Kannan
Written by: R.Kannan, John Mahendran, G.Dhananjayan
Running time: 2hr 30min
Opens: Apr 05, 2013 Limited
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