Friday, March 24, 2017
A new documentary film that uncovers the personal, real-life stories of children and parents navigating a rollercoaster of beaurocracy on their journeys through the international adoption system, each filled with hope, elation - and sometimes heartbreak. Filmmaker Thaddaeus Scheel tracks the chapters in the lives of four children, and the families seeking to parent them, revealing along the way the intense hope and disappointment they experience on the odyssey to unite as families. Some stories are heartwarming, showing incredible examples of kids who blossom after joining their families, while others offer insight into the emotional and physical impact institutional life can have on these kids. Rated PG .
Produced by: Craig Juntunen, Alison Amron, Jennifer Latham, Julie Landman
Directed by: Thaddaeus Scheel
Written by: Jennifer Latham
Running time: 1hr 22min
Opens: Mar 01, 2013 Limited
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