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Friday, Aug. 15, 2014

Drummond says adieu to KidsTLC

The Olathe News

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In his nearly 13 years as president and CEO of KidsTLC, Robert Drummond has transformed what was once a small organization in Olathe to a center that reaches thousands of kids year-round.

In 2012, he helped increase KidsTLC’s services for high-risk children with the construction of a $6.95 million facility called the Children and Family Institute.

He’s helped KidsTLC focus on providing help to homeless teens in Johnson County, as well as helped raise more than $50 million to be invested in new programs and buildings.

On Tuesday, friends, colleagues and families honored Drummond at the KidsTLC campus in Olathe as he celebrated his retirement.

What Drummond will miss most, he said, are the relationships he’s made.

“I’ll miss the kids,” Drummond said. “I’ll miss working with a staff who are just fabulous.

“I just enjoyed the people and enjoyed helping them fulfill their dreams as they gave to our organization and other kid organizations and made transformational changes in the lives of children.”

In the past decade, Drummond said, he’s seen KidsTLC grow more than 700 percent. He’s seen new buildings go up and old ones renovated, and he’s seen countless support from the community through donations.

“That has just been an absolute honor and privilege for me to be part of that growth and see us being able to address some of the foremost problems of children and teenagers and families in our communities,” Drummond said.

Charles Warren, KidsTLC board chairman, said when Drummond came on board, the organization was about at $1.5 million in program expenditures. Today, Warren said, it’s about 10 times that.

“His leadership and vision we have counted upon throughout his tenure and he’s never disappointed,” Warren said. “He has led us with the kind of leadership that is second to none and has brought us to the place the organization is today.”

Gordon Docking, who co-founded First Downs for Down Syndrome and served as CEO at St. Joseph Medical Center, will serve as the new president and CEO of KidsTLC.

“I feel great about the transition, I’ve just got big shoes to fill,” Docking said. “I’m just excited to carry on the momentum that Bob has started over these last 13 years.”

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