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Thursday, Apr. 03, 2014

Streets top council’s concern in Olathe budget survey

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Preserving streets and making them better continues to be a high priority for the Olathe City Council, according to the city’s annual budget survey.

Each member of the City Council took the survey to say what they believe the top priorities for Olathe should be this year.

The results were presented at the council meeting on Tuesday evening.

When asked which top Capital Improvement Plan priorities should be a focus, improvement of current streets and street preservation scored the highest.

Council members also believe the quality of police, fire and emergency medical services should receive significant emphasis over the next year. Managing traffic and congestion in the city also was highlighted as an important goal.

Council members agreed that they did not want the city’s 2015 budget to force a mill levy increase.

“We’re going to take all of this information into consideration when we put together the budget,” Emily Vincent, the city’s budget manager, told the council. “It’s been very helpful in showing us what we need to address.”

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