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2012 All-Sunflower League baseball

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2012 All-Sunflower League baseball

Player of the Year: Matt Elliott, Olathe South

Coach of the year: Josh Perkins, Olathe South


Catcher: J.T. Core, Leavenworth, senior.

First base: Mack Preston, SM Northwest, senior.

Second base: Jeremy Smith, Olathe South, senior.

Third base: Nick Thayer, SM West, senior.

Shortstop: Chase Rader, SM Northwest, senior.

Outfielders: Matt Elliott, Olathe South, junior; CJ Roush, Lawrence, senior; Eli Keppler, Leavenworth, junior; Michael Schlicht, SM Northwest, senior.

Designated hitter: Austin Leonhart, Olathe South, senior.

Utility: Troy Willoughby, Lawrence, senior.

Pitchers: Connor Brady, Olathe South, senior; Billy Kirkpatrick, SM East, senior; Garrett Cleavinger, Lawrence, senior; Chase Rader, SM Northwest, senior.

Closer: Greg Fry, Olathe South, senior.


Catcher: Gunnar Troutwine, SM East, sophomore.

First base: Dylan Christie, SM South, senior.

Second base: Matthew Maynard, SM North, senior.

Third base: Shane Willoughby, Lawrence, junior.

Shortstop: Miles Orscheln, Olathe South, junior.

Outfielders: Charlie King-Hagen, SM West, senior; Chase Hanson, Olathe South, junior; Davis Reid, Olathe Northwest, senior; Chris Pinne, SM East, senior.

Designated hitter: Ty Thompson, SM Northwest, senior.

Utility: Judson Cole, Leavenworth, senior.

Pitchers: Dylan Brett, SM East, senior; Ty Thompson, SM Northwest, senior; Austin Sanders, Olathe East, senior; Tyler Day, Olathe Northwest, senior.

Closer: Sam Hearnen, Lawrence Free State, junior.


Catchers: Brandon Zipper, SM Northwest, senior; Luke Gardner, Olathe South, senior; Connor Smith, Olathe Northwest, sophomore.

First base: Brett Nickle, Olathe South, junior; Billy Kirkpatrick, SM East, senior; Mitch Witter, SM West, senior.

Second base: Larson Woolwine, SM East, senior; Dalton Rook, Olathe Northwest, senior; Caleb Cribb, Leavenworth, senior; Trevor Champagne, Lawrence, senior.

Third base: James Gladieux, Leavenworth, sophomore; Chad Thomas, Olathe East, sophomore.

Shortstop: Tyler Day, Olathe Northwest, senior; Judson Cole, Leavenworth, junior; Austin Giannola, SM South, sophomore; Troy Willoughby, Lawrence, senior; Adam Thies, Olathe South, sophomore.

Outfielders: Noah Bertholf, SM East, senior; Michael Baillergeon, Leavenworth, junior; Austin Sanders, Olathe East, senior; Jeff Skeens, Olathe East, sophomore; Joe Dineen, Lawrence Free State, sophomore; Austin Howard, SM Northwest, senior.

Designated hitter: Jacob Wilson, Olathe East, senior; Grant Spillers, Olathe East, sophomore; Jacob Schnackenberg, SM West, senior.

Pitchers: Evan Lanning, Olathe South, junior; Colin Burns, SM East, sophomore; Nate Westfahl, Olathe Northwest, junior; Shane Hummel, Olathe Northwest, junior; Danny Hotujac, SM North, senior; Judson Cole, Leavenworth, junior; James Gladieux, Leavenworth, sophomore; Troy Willoughby, Lawrence, senior; Dan Frazier, Olathe East, senior; Nick Thayer, SM West, senior; JD Prochaska, Lawrence Free State, senior; Ben Nikolmann, SM Northwest, senior; David Brown, SM South, junior.

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